Managed Services

We take away the burden of managing security systems and processes

You will be able to reduce the cost of security, safety and protection, free up your employees’ time, focus on your core activity, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with the latest regulations and best practice.

The benefits of NW Security's managed security

We design, install, maintain and help you manage your security systems and processes, including bespoke training of staff and developing your security operating procedures, for a monthly service fee that is all-inclusive.

The new, smarter way of security provisioning

There is no longer a need for large capital expenditure. We provide you with the latest in security systems technologies and best-practice security management, on a service agreement basis, so you gain the maximum benefit from innovative solutions and our expertise without large financial upfront investments.

Our portfolio of security provisioning services includes CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection systems as well as fully Integrated Security solutions, tailored with training, operational implementation and expert managerial support to ensure continued compliance and protection against identified threats and vulnerabilities.

Working in partnership to protect your people, assets, data and reputation

Within many organisations, security provisioning has been seen as a burden and not necessarily as a business enabler. However, times are changing and organisations are facing increasing risks, threats and vulnerabilities in today’s fast moving, increasingly complex environment. With the consequences and damages resulting from breaches posing an ever greater threat to careers, profits, business valuation and reputation, security and risk mitigation is becoming a critical business function within every organisation.

We work with you and your team to deal with these increasing responsibilities. As your expert partner we assist by guiding the whole process from risk identification to vulnerability testing, systems design and implementation, protocol writing, training and achieving compliance, delivering a continued robust security provision that protects your organisation and delivers real business impact.