Intruder Alarms

Protecting people, buildings and assets

Safety through reliable detection and an effective response

Our high-performance intruder detection solutions provide business-critical protection to organisations of any size. Enhanced security can be achieved by combining intrusion detection with CCTV and / or access control.

Potential intruder peering through window at a laptop

Apart from reliable detection, we ensure immediate alerting of the system-assigned people, enabling swift decision making for an effective response.

We design and install systems that are tailored to your specific risks and provide ongoing maintenance and system reviews to keep your system in optimum working order and up-to-date with any changing requirements. The solutions we offer are flexible by design, allowing future expansion or integration into your wider security management system.

Alarm Receiving Centre

Our intrusion detection systems can be monitored internally by your security staff or externally by our contracted Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), or both.

Operators at alarm receiving centre

Using the latest technologies to monitor alarm signals with precision, the ARC provides an advanced, efficient system to alert key holders, security staff or the emergency services, whatever is required. The ARC also provides extensive post-incident reporting, crucial for wider investigation of an incident and gathering evidence.

In addition to intruder alarm monitoring, we can offer remote visual verification of an alarm, which improves and speeds up decision making and can help prevent events from unfolding.

Fire detection systems and plant alarms (such as freezers and pressure systems) can all be added to the ARC remote monitoring service. All backed up by a 24/7/365 support line.

Integrated Security Management System

Intruder detection systems are most effective when part of a wider security management system that includes both physical as well as electronic security provisions.

Vanderbilt digital control keypad

Our expertise lies in the area of electronic security and more specifically within the integration of systems using IP as the standard platform, making use of existing IT infrastructure and hardware and making security systems accessible and manageable from anywhere.

The IP convergence in security offers cost-savings, greater efficiency, quicker and improved decision making and, most importantly, enhanced safety and security for people.