Live streaming video hosting for your business and projects

Streamdays logo showing on laptopStreamdays is a professional camera streaming service. First launched in 2005, Streamdays powers some of the web’s greatest webcams, enhancing people’s online experiences for our customers. Used to attract more visitors and improve visitor engagement, Streamdays is a key tool for promoting your business.

In addition, Streamdays is also ideal if you are looking to live stream an event at an affordable cost.

Open Platform, Hassle-free and Robust

With support for a wide range of IP camera makes and models, Streamdays live streaming can be deployed with IP cameras suited to any budget or quality requirements, or it can even be used with IP cameras that are already in place.

Streamdays is a hassle-free, fully-managed service, which is largely hands-off for our customers. It is aimed at businesses that are looking to feature a professional-level ‘webcam’ or ‘live video stream’ on their website, knowing that their live camera is in good hands. Streamdays is built on a robust hosting platform that has a track record of 99.9% uptime since it started.

Which businesses use Streamdays?

For promotional purposes, Streamdays is mainly used by businesses and organisations in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors. For live event streaming, Streamdays is popular with churches, venues and education providers. However, the deployment of Streamdays is wide and varied. For example, Councils use Streamdays for ‘traffic cameras’ and zoos use it for ‘animal cams’.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Streamdays managed camera streaming service is backed up by an SLA, which is managed by the specialists at our IP Video Support Desk.

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