System Design and Engineering

Leveraging security and technical expertise to tailor security solutions that you can rely on

Security excellence at every stage of your project from inception to installation

We’ve been designing security systems to help protect organisations of all sizes across Merseyside and further afield since 2004. Whether it’s a small business with a single premises or a large multi-site enterprise, we can create and deploy a bespoke security solution that meets your exact needs.

NW Security Group engineers working at Freightliner

We work closely with customers, taking a consultative approach to explore requirements and understand the risks your business faces. All solutions are devised with “Security and Privacy by Design” in mind, to ensure systems meet the requirements of GDPR.

During system design, our in-house team of security professionals will carefully consider each aspect of the solution with the aim of maximising performance and delivering security systems that are fit for purpose. The physical location of each camera or device, correct camera positioning, mounting hardware, light conditions, capacity of existing IT infrastructure and optimum system configuration all need to be considered. This requires in-depth knowledge of both security and IT technologies.

Where multiple risk mitigation measures need to be implemented to create the most effective solution, this can often involve the integration of CCTV with complementary systems such as security lighting, IP audio and access control. Our team of highly-skilled engineers and technical experts are adept at simplifying these complex integrations, but regardless of the relative complexity of a project, you can be assured that all engineering work is of the highest standard and completed in accordance with relevant regulations.