Allowing you to take a more hands-off approach to managing IP-based security systems

Helping you get back to core business with expert assistance when you need it most

NW Security Group has been helping businesses since 2004 and can assist you in the process of choosing, implementing and maintaining your systems. We go well beyond annual on-site maintenance visits with helpdesk support, remote system administration, remote system health monitoring and cyber security management to flag up potential performance issues and cyber risks as they become known.

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The very nature of security systems means that continuity of service is paramount – it’s why our comprehensive support services have been key to our success. When system performance dips or service is interrupted, many customers have discovered that our expertise can make all the difference, allowing them to swiftly get back to business as usual.

Our support services are available under various service-level packages for all new system installations, but if you have an existing IP-based CCTV system and need someone to take over the ongoing support for that system, we may be able to help. Starting with a systems health check to identify any areas for improvement, we would aim to reconfigure the system to maximise its effectiveness and then take up support.

We know that it can be challenging to ensure uptime, schedule maintenance and keep on top of system and user administration. If you need assistance with any of these aspects for your IP-based security system and particularly, if you’re looking for expertise with Axis or Milestone products, just get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.