IP Video Support Desk

Expert support for everything IP video

IP Video Support desk logoOur IP Video Support Desk is the backbone of support provision to all products, systems and technologies we offer. Within our IP Video Support Desk we harness expert IP video knowledge, accumulated through day-to-day, hands-on exposure since the late nineties, shortly after Axis Communications invented the ‘network camera.’

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

With all products and solutions we sell within NW Security Group, there is either an SLA in place as an integrated part of the service, such as for example with our hosted video services, or an SLA will be available as a purchasable option, as is the case with supplied hard- and software or an installed CCTV system.

Our range of maintenance and support packages come with different levels of service, suited to the importance of the system to which the SLA is attached. So is our critical-level support suited to a CCTV security system deployed on a national infrastructure site, whereas, for example, our essential-level support is more suited to a camera system in an independent retail outlet. Our range of available SLAs allows you to choose which is the right level of support for your system.

It is also our IP Video Support Desk through which we offer free set-up help to customers who have made a supply-only purchase through Network Webcams, our specialist IP camera store.

Support for CCTV systems supplied by others

The IP Video Support Desk is also open to businesses and organisations who have installed an IP camera system themselves or had it installed by others. Many of our customers today turned to our Support Desk when they felt their CCTV system had become difficult to manage or did not deliver the required levels of performance.

In those situations we tend to offer to start with a system health assessment from which a plan may be formed to transfer the system within the care of our IP Video Support Desk.

Bespoke support for Milestone XProtect CCTV systems

Milestone Platinum Channel Partner logo (small)As a long-standing Milestone Platinum partner with day-to-day, hands-on experience of the XProtect video management software since 2004, we offer bespoke support agreements for any Milestone XProtect system, new or existing. Through our dedicated support desk, we ensure any system issues are dealt with swiftly and that you get the most out of your Milestone CCTV system. We help with keeping your Milestone software up-to-date, fully optimised, and hardened against cybersecurity risks, working to best practice standards. Whether you have a small or medium-sized system or a large multi-site operation with complex integrations, we offer the support suited to your needs.

Research and Development

With our technical knowledge centred within the IPVSD team, it has been natural for research and development activities to sit within this team as well. The sharing of day-to-day experiences with the findings from R&D tests has proven to be a successful combination for progressing our IP video ecosystem, which is aimed to improve the effectiveness of CCTV security, improve the way businesses run their operations, and delivers more useful business intelligence.