IP-based CCTV

Solutions that deliver optimum performance and support real‑time decision making

Network-based CCTV solutions that deliver optimum performance

The design and implementation of IP-based CCTV systems is a specialist field. Successful installation and optimal system performance require in-depth knowledge of both IT and security technologies, and that is what we offer.

IP CCTV operator in control room

We pride ourselves on the experience and skills build up from helping hundreds of customers over the years. It is this vast, hands-on experience in making systems work that sets us apart.

Superior image quality

It‘s all about image quality. Using advanced IP cameras we can deliver superior image quality, providing unmistaken identification of individuals and clear evidence capture of events.

Large area coverage – reduced camera count

Featuring multi-megapixel image sensors and the latest lens technologies, IP cameras can now produce useful images from very wide angles, typically over 90°. Whilst 180° panoramic or 360° hemispheric cameras can provide a full overview of areas. This has vastly reduced the number of cameras required on installations, not only saving money on equipment cost but also on installation, maintenance and electricity.

Intelligent video analytics increases effectiveness

Video analytics make cameras ‘intelligent‘ and with that, much more effective.

False alarm triggers have been a problem in IP CCTV for many years. It is a nuisance for the people that receive the (false) alerts plus it generates a lot of unnecessary video recording and data traffic. All in all, false alarm triggers can cause a significant waste of resource.

Image from thermal IP camera

Therefore, the key objective is for an IP CCTV system to only trigger ‘true’ alarm events. Video analytics go a long way in achieving this. By combining good quality, high-resolution IP cameras with high-end analytics software we can deliver systems that will offer reliable detection but generate very few false alarms. Going a step further, by using thermal imaging cameras in combination with video analytics we can create detection systems that are near 100% accurate.

When designed and deployed correctly, video analytics can be a very powerful tool. Apart from intelligent video motion detection think about automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), facial recognition, virtual tripwire detection, left-object detection, auto-tracking and object counting. With video analytics, a camera can become a virtual 24/7 guard, helping operators to detect an alert and act swiftly.

Accessible from anywhere, any time

With a network-based video systems there is virtually no limitation to where video can be captured or viewed, as long as the camera and the user have network connectivity. Our solutions reliably distribute real-time and recorded video footage via IP networks and the Internet to where it is required. Mobile access via smartphones and tablets has made efficient system use easier still.

This remote connectivity allows for quicker decision making and shorter response times to security intrusions, which can prevent events from escalating or happening altogether. It makes a security system more effective as a whole.

Flexibility, scalability and future-proof

Using open platform video management systems, our solutions offer the flexibility to combine many different IP camera makes and models and make them work together, managed via one powerful interface.

Illustration of Milestone at the heart of an open platform video management system

In addition, our systems are fully scalable allowing the addition of more IP cameras or other IP devices at any time. The latest technological advancements or extra storage capacity can all be easily added as and when required. Using open platform systems and IP as the standard communication platform, your investment with us is future proof.

Cost-effective solutions using existing infrastructure

Extending the use of existing IT infrastructure by adding IP video makes a strong business case. It generates a higher return on investments already made and reduces the cost of camera installation and maintenance.

Further cost-saving technologies such as power-over-ethernet (PoE) and wireless enable us to provide security solutions that are attractive to organisations of all sorts and sizes.