IP Access Control

Simplicity, scalability and easy integration

Flexible access control solutions that are easier to use and are future proof

The key benefit of an IP-based access control system is ‘simplification’. An IP-based solution entails fewer components, requires less cabling, is easier to use and manage, and can easily be integrated as part of a wider security or HR management system.

IP based CCTV and access control in reception area

Whether you have one door or hundreds, or want to scale up over time, we can offer an access control solution using your existing IT infrastructure that will be easy to manage and cost less overall.

Using the standard IP protocol, access control equipment can sit on your corporate network, just like IP cameras do. This makes system installation, management and maintenance a lot easier, resulting in much lower cost of ownership.

A further benefit is that we can add ‘visual verification’ to your access control system by making CCTV and access control work as one integrated IP-based system. This enhancement can be easily achieved, offers improved effectiveness and is very affordable. It is available for the smallest to the largest-scale system.

What is Access Control?

Axis A4010-E reader without keypad

An access control system is essentially an electronic system that replaces the use of keys to gain entry to areas. Typically, an access control system will require an individual to type in an entry code, present a card or fob or use biometrics for access to be granted. A well-designed, well-managed access control system provides significant security and safety benefits. It is most effective when used as part of a wider security management system. Access control systems can provide detailed reports showing who went where and when.