Security Consultancy

Helping you to achieve best practice and compliance

Security management to protect people, assets, data and reputation

We remove burden from your organisation by offering wide ranging expertise in security provisioning, enabling effective management of the responsibilities, risks and threats that you are faced with. With the aim to provide you with an all-encompassing service, we have combined our highly experienced systems engineers with operational security experts and have created a team that will assist you to plan, implement and manage effective security controls to mitigate risks.

Security consultant discussing risk assessment with customer

With many years of multi-disciplinary, hands-on experience within our team, we embrace the cohesion between technology, knowledge and education to deliver solutions and services that will meet all your security needs. From risk assessments and compliance audits, risk mitigation and system implementation, team organisation and training to incident management and business continuity, we will be with you all the way offering continuous personal support to ensure stakeholder confidence in your security provision.

Optimised security solutions

We appreciate that budget availability often limits security provisioning and that prioritisation will need to be made. This is the start of the process and where we can provide expert, independent advice to ensure you will receive the maximum security benefits from your investments long term.

We will work with you to identify the specific risks and vulnerabilities, the impact of a breach, and prioritise and plan the best course of action through cost v. benefits analysis.

A holistic approach to security provisioning

Effective security provisioning can be complex with so many options to choose from. Our approach is to remove complexity for you. We assist you by looking at all security aspects and develop a clear programme of improvement that will create confidence and trust in your decisions amongst all stakeholders.

Our aim is to deliver targeted benefits via a holistic service provision: