Milestone Systems

Design, Installation and Support of Milestone Video Management Systems

Milestoen Platinum Partner logoAs a longstanding, leading Milestone Platinum Partner, we offer expertise across the Milestone video management product portfolio. Our service includes the design, installation, and support of new Milestone system implementations as well as providing health checks and support for existing Milestone CCTV systems. Expert Milestone support is delivered via our dedicated IP Video Support Desk.

Hardware for Milestone VMS

Customers have the choice of providing their own server and storage hardware or can opt for the Milestone Husky range. For the best technical outcomes, we help with the ecosystem design and recommend the use of specialist server equipment from our selected hardware partners Secure Logiq and Venzo Secure.

As an attractive alternative to on-premise server hardware, we also offer Milestone-in-the-cloud solutions using Milestone AWS (Amazon Web Services) delivering all the benefits that come with hosted video.

Milestone Ecosystem integrations

The power of Milestone lies in its open platform ecosystem. We offer ecosystem integrations across the Milestone platform, including a range of video analytics (VA), audio integration, access control, transactional data, and search optimisation. There are also a range of sector-specific applications, such as retail and logistics, with which we can offer to assist.

From Small Business to Enterprise

Milestone offers a CCTV management solution for everyone, from small business owners to managers of large, multi-site operations. At NWS, we offer to work with anyone who is interested in a Milestone system, regardless of size or complexity.

In addition to installation and support we also provide Milestone training to both system administrators and users, ensuring you will get the most out of your Milestone system.