Intruder Alarm Systems

High-performance intruder detection and monitoring for effective alerts and response

Reliable detection and effective response

Of all the threats that brick-and-mortar businesses commonly face, burglary is still a prevalent concern. Safeguarding your business from intruders is a key component of your security provision and although intrusion detection can be installed as a standalone system, when it’s integrated with other systems that work in tandem, the whole solution becomes far more effective.

Vanderbilt digital control keypad

For example, if the detection of an intruder automatically triggers CCTV recording whilst simultaneously switching on security lighting and playing an audible warning via an IP audio horn speaker – that’s robust security protection. The integration of security systems to function smartly like this is our specialism.

We use high-quality hardware from Vanderbilt, offering reliable detection and easy integration with products from our long-standing technology partners, Axis and Milestone. Working with this open platform ecosystem allows us to create flexible and cyber-secure solutions that are tailored to your specific risks.

Our intrusion detection systems can be configured to immediately notify system-assigned personnel, enabling swift decision making for an effective response. The system can also be monitored internally by your security staff or externally via our alarm monitoring and response service which connects your system to a leading Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Regular maintenance of your intruder alarms is of course vital to ensure the system continues to operate reliably and you’ll find we offer an exceptional level of service for ongoing support.