Cloud CCTV

Video Management in the Cloud

Milestone Systems | PartnersThe move from ‘on-premise’ to ‘off-premise’ has been accelerating within many companies. At NWS this model is well-understood. We have years of experience managing video in hosted environments and can offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to customer preferences and IT-specific policies.

Application Only

With ‘Application Only’ the video management application (software) will run in the cloud (off-premise) but the video data is held on-premise. The main benefit to the customer is that there is no requirement for a server or server management. This set up is cost-effective and ideal for small businesses.

Application and Data

In the case of ‘Application and Data’, both the video management application as well as the video data will be managed in the cloud (off-premise). This is the ultimate goal for many companies, so CAPEX in server and storage hardware is avoided and IT management can be hands-off. This model is more suited to smaller systems or systems with small amounts of data transfer. It is particularly well-suited to multi-site companies with a small system on each site.

Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model offers the most flexibility as it runs the management application off-premise whilst the video data is partly stored off-premise and partly on-premise. This model offers many different configuration options, enabling an optimum balance between cost and performance whilst the benefits of an off-premise, hands-off video management system are largely maintained. The hybrid configuration is suited to larger systems and large multi-site operations.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All our hosted solutions are fully managed, backed up by an SLA, and delivered by the specialists at our IP Video Support Desk.