Security Lighting

Controllable and cost-efficient systems to aid deterrence, detection and decision making

Enhancing protective security with white and infrared light

Lighting plays an important part in the effectiveness of your security measures. We can install security flood lighting as a standalone system or use network-enabled lights which can be integrated as part of your IP-based security system where lights can be operated manually or triggered to activate automatically upon an event such as the detection of movement.

Infrared security lighting assisting video motion detection

Integration of security systems is our area of expertise and we can tailor solutions that mitigate the unique risks facing your business and maximise the effectiveness of supporting security systems such as IP-based CCTV. Our in-house team of security professionals will factor the use of lighting into system design, taking the following into consideration:

  • Deterrence – activation of white light is often enough to deter someone from continuing any criminal act or anti-social behaviour
  • Detection – infrared light used in conjunction with video surveillance can highlight the presence of a person or a vehicle in complete darkness
  • Decision making – white light improves CCTV image quality, making it easier to observe behaviour, assess someone’s intentions and record identifying features in colour

We use high-quality hardware from manufacturers such as Raytec, which offer versatility and easy integration with products from our long-standing technology partners, Axis and Milestone. Working within this technology ecosystem allows us to offer scalable solutions that you can rely on, knowing that all installation work is completed to the highest standards and backed up by comprehensive support and maintenance.