Security Control Rooms

Designed and equipped to maximise the performance of your security operations

Security Control Rooms

A Control Room is at the heart of large business security infrastructure, continuously monitoring your operations and helping your security staff to proactively react to alerts and threats.

From design to setup, NW Security Group will assist you in every step of the process, working with you to identify the best solutions, making sure that you are investing in the right technologies, assets and policies.

As we all know, every business presents different challenges and requirements, for these reasons it’s fundamental to make sure that the provider you entrust with your control room has the right expertise and a good understanding of the challenges that your business faces on a daily basis, making sure that your investment is the right one for you.

When designing and furnishing a control room, integration of different elements is necessary for good performance; even the slightest oversight could result in a malfunction; NW Security group can help you with a wide range of control room integrated solutions:

    • Design or improvement of Security Control Rooms

    • Security Control Room furniture and user-friendly equipment (screen, joysticks, microphones for audio challenges, smart walls and much more…)

    • Installation and maintenance of display control system/video wall controller (hardware and software)

    Alarm Monitoring

    • Control Room training for staff and operators

NW Security Group only offer the best available solutions, for this reason we always test technologies and solutions ourselves, before recommending them to our customers.