Alarm Monitoring and Response

A quick and reliable response to intruders and potential threats, at any time

Keeping your business secure at all times

The efficiency of an alarm system is directly proportional to its response and detection; for all those businesses who are not able to proactively and efficiently monitor their alarm system or simply want the peace of mind of a 24/7 monitoring, NW Security Group offers a reliable and proactive Alarm Monitoring and Response service.

Control room with alarm monitoring and response

An integrated alarm system is at the base of your business security infrastructure, however, depending on the technology used, there will be times at which your alarm will react to non-threats such as animals, shadows or weather conditions or simply won’t be able to suitably undertake the necessary action; among other solutions (which will be different depending on the business requirements), monitoring your security alarm systems, is an option to consider.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, outsourcing your Alarm monitoring will ensure a quick and appropriate response to intruders and potential threats, making sure that the right action is undertaken, and the authorities are alerted in a timely manner.

A Remote Video Response (RVR) monitoring centre for CCTV systems will actively respond to a security alarm, inspecting the live CCTV images, to better understand the nature of the threat, and will then undertake the appropriate action, from remotely interacting with the site through integrations such as Security Lighting or IP Audio to visually and verbally address the intruder, to alert the authorities, or simply dismiss the alarm as a non-threat caused by other factors.