CCTV System-as-a-Service

Affordable high-end CCTV

With ‘CCTV System-as-a-Service’ we offer customers the benefits of moving away from CAPEX and operate a full CCTV system on an OPEX basis.

With this model, the video management application will run in the cloud (off-premise) whilst the video data may be stored in the cloud also, or be (partly) kept on-premise. The required cameras will be installed on-site but this equipment will be rented as part of the overall service cost. There is no upfront outlay to the customer.

System Specification

Our CCTV System-as-a-Service offering is built using high-quality Axis camera equipment in combination with either Milestone or Morphean cloud-based video management software. Each system design is bespoke using a wide range of configuration options and add-ons available within the Axis-Milestone ecosystem. The overall solution offers customers the benefits of a high-end CCTV system, largely off-premise, at an affordable cost.

Secure and Modern

Fully managed by NWS technicians, the system will be maintained to the highest standards and will provide the customer with maximum protection against cyber risks and deliver optimum performance ongoingly. Deployment of the latest available technologies also ensures that you will benefit from modern features and functionalities within the system.

Flexible and Scalable

Our CCTV System-as-a-Service offering is ‘elastic’, providing customers with ultimate flexibility if their requirements change. So, you only pay for what you need.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our CCTV System-as-a-Service is a turnkey solution, fully managed, backed up with a SLA, delivered by the specialists at our IP Video Support Desk.

Our CCTV System-as-a-Service offering is available to businesses subject to credit check, as well as public sector organisations and charitable bodies.