NW Systems

CCTV Design, Engineering and Integration

Intruder on CCTV cameraNW Systems is our engineering arm, delivering physical on-site services encompassing surveys, system design, installation and commissioning, and scheduled and emergency maintenance. Our team of experienced engineers is well-versed in the delivery of network-based CCTV implementations, including infrastructure cabling, point-to-point wireless installations, networking, and green power solutions.

New or Existing

At NWS, we offer design and build of new installation projects as well as the taking over of existing CCTV systems that require renewed attention. Where analogue CCTV systems are required to be migrated to an IP platform, we have extensive experience in migration planning and smooth transitioning.

Experts in CCTV Integration

IP-based CCTV systems often comprise many different system components and technologies that require expert knowledge to make them function reliably as one optimised system within a customer’s environment. This may range from lighting to networking, server infrastructure, intrusion detection technologies, audio, thermal imaging, 3G/4G connectivity, hosted applications, automation through video analytics apps and integration with other security systems or control processes.

Through the ecosystem expertise within our engineering and technical team we are able to offer video integration for any security, operational or business intelligence application that may be required.

A Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative approach to system implementation promotes a close work relationship with our customers, aimed at smooth project delivery and minimal on-site disruption, both at the time of installation as well as with ongoing maintenance.

For customers who have an internal engineering team and are looking to undertake a CCTV installation in-house, we are available to assist with system design and equipment specification, and also offer to be on hand to provide assistance with system configuration and commissioning. Customers can buy the specified equipment from us via our specialist IP camera store and also benefit from ongoing support for the system via our IP Video Support Desk. We are available to provide as much or as little assistance as our customers require.

Health and Safety

Health and safety for everyone is our top priority. All our systems are designed with this in mind to mitigate safety risks at any stage of a system’s life cycle, from installation to maintenance and eventual decommissioning.