Security Consultancy and Training

Underpinning the effectiveness of your security measures

Mitigating current and future risks

A critical element to the smooth running of any organisation, large or small, is minimising the risk to assets, people and data. This can be achieved by ensuring you have risk mitigation policies, processes and procedures in place – all of which require expertise in planning and implementation.

Security Consultancy and Training

Professional consultancy and training are paramount to the success of any strategic security plan and underpin the effectiveness of any detection and deterrence measures that are implemented. Our consultancy and training services are the foundation in a holistic approach to security provision that allows us to deliver complete, managed security solutions that mitigate current and future risks.

Protecting your key business enablers – assets, people and data

As physical and cyber security continue to converge, emerging threats and technologies are evolving, creating new security challenges for the digital age. The protection of your data is now as important as the protection of your premises and personnel has ever been. Our consultancy and training services meet the diverse requirements of organisations that depend on information technology to conduct their business.

From Risk Assessment, Strategic Security Planning and Data Protection Officer services, through to Incident Management training and Control Room Operator training – explore the full range of services below.