Visitor Attractions

Keeping visitors safe and improving incident resilience

The demands placed on venues and attractions to uphold their duty of care to visitors and customers has never been greater. The need for reliable security provisioning to keep people safe, protect assets and manage the response to a crisis is critical to the effective running of operations at locations such as theme parks, zoos, museums and arenas. NW Security Group uses the latest CCTV, access control and intruder detection technologies to not only improve safety and security, but also help customers in this sector obtain valuable operational efficiency gains.

Visitors at a gallery

We work with organisations to enhance their security provision so they can better predict, prepare for and respond to a range of disruptive events. The list of modern-day threats continues to grow and our services extend beyond expert installation and maintenance of security systems, to wide ranging consultancy and training services that will meet all of your operational security needs.

Our specialist systems engineers and security consultants take a holistic approach to security provision, working closely with customers to identify vulnerabilities and help them mitigate any associated risks.

Building response capability and resilience to events that threaten the reputational, commercial and strategic interests of an organisation requires risk assessment, compliance checking, meticulous planning, creation of procedures and staff training. NW Security eases the burden on organisations that need to ensure this is all done properly.

By combining smart security solutions with robust crisis preparedness, organisations can ensure resources are deployed effectively and responses to incidents are coordinated smoothly and quickly. It’s these efficiency gains and the capability to limit reputational damage that ultimately propels a faster return on investment (ROI).

Helping protect visitor attractions across the UK: