Securing retail environments with innovative IP technology

NW Security Group uses the latest CCTV, access control and intrusion detection technology to help retailers not only improve the safety and security of their warehouses, stores, assets and staff, but also drive operational performance and enhance revenue generation. As retail crime continues to rise year-on-year, amounting to a loss of hundreds of millions of pounds across the UK, forward-thinking retailers are using cutting-edge video surveillance systems for much more than just loss prevention – they’re gaining powerful business insights from the use of video analytics.

Retail customers at point-of-sale

Retail crime can range from opportunistic theft and criminal damage, to organised crime, violence and staff abuse. From scalable IP camera solutions for in-store surveillance to access control for stock rooms and auditing purposes, we strive to create solutions for our customers that help them overcome their business challenges. As experts in the deployment of IP cameras in demanding environments, NW Security Group provides an all-encompassing service to address operational challenges, remove burden and provide peace of mind, allowing retailers to focus on their core activities of customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

The use of IP cameras can extend far beyond revenue protection and employee safety – we work closely with customers to drive an increased return on investment. IP camera technology, combined with retail analytics, can help to boost operational performance by improving store layouts and streamlining staff planning. Furthermore, analysing customer behaviour and monitoring the success of marketing and advertising campaigns can help improve a store’s profitability and maximise revenue generation.

Working in partnership to deliver a first-class installation

To deliver a best-in-class, fully managed video monitoring solution, we work alongside a number of technology partners, such as Morphean and Axis; innovators in the development of IP video solutions. Our in-depth understanding of this technology enables us to design a tailored end-to-end security system with the latest features such as remote access, Point of Sale (PoS) data integration, people counting and queue management.