Case study

Axis cameras improve operations at Freightliner’s Manchester terminal

Containers being unloaded at Freightliner
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The Manchester terminal wanted to take advantage of an IP-based surveillance system to assist with operations around the site and to monitor the arrival of containers by road and rail. This improvement in operational monitoring would also help significantly improve security and health and safety around the site.

NW Security Group deployed a range of Axis network cameras, all specifically chosen to deliver excellent image quality even for night-time surveillance.

Freightliner efficiently uses the system for a multitude of its operations: on-site traffic control, health & safety monitoring, recording IDs of in and outbound containers and trucks, un-manned terminal sign in and night-time security surveillance.

Freightliner has found that the number of claims against it for damaged containers has gone down as the site’s managers can now prove liability by quickly accessing high quality images over their network.

We have been working with Freightliner since 2005, securing and enhancing many of their other terminals around the UK.