Strengthening supply chain security and operational performance

The need for sophisticated security systems in the logistics industry has never been greater. With duties ranging from ensuring the safety of staff, supply chain security to regulatory compliance, the demands requiring logistics providers’ attention can sometimes seem endless. We help to reduce this burden through an all-encompassing approach to the provision of innovative IP technology including CCTV, access control and intrusion detection systems.

Containers being unloaded at port

Using video surveillance technology to monitor operations can help secure cargo and reduce the risk of damage, whether on a truck, in a warehouse, or at a port. Reaching far beyond financial consequences alone, the impact of a lapse in logistics security is clear for all to see, ranging from food contamination to damage or loss of valuable medicines.

There is a continuous need within logistics to evaluate areas for improvement and identify vulnerabilities before they are exposed. Analysis of health and safety and regulatory compliance is an ongoing duty of care to ensure a safe environment for both employees and suppliers operating across the supply chain. We ensure IP based technologies such as video surveillance and access control offer vital support in proactively monitoring staff handling of goods and containers, while also ensuring site or perimeter access is only granted to those with the necessary credentials.

Advances in technology and the drive for greater efficiency have caused the supply chain to become increasingly complex and fragmented. Tracking down the root cause of damage or loss of goods at ports, terminals or logistics centres can often prove to be problematic. IP video technology, effectively installed, is essential to maintaining an effective audit trail whereby our customers can rapidly identify incidents and prove where responsibility lies. NW Security Group has years of experience in designing and installing security systems that not only streamline these processes, but are proven to secure cargo, people and your bottom line.

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