Enhancing security and improving operational efficiency

As advancements in technology continue to reshape the industrial landscape, security systems are being used for much more than the traditional applications of securing premises and keeping unauthorised persons out of restricted areas. The challenges of upholding health and safety standards and the never-ending quest for increased efficiency and productivity are driving greater diversity in the use of CCTV, access control and intrusion detection. NW Security Group is highly experienced in the deployment of network-based solutions that not only improve safety and security, but also provide customers with valuable operational efficiency gains.

Manufacturing machinery in a factory

The use of IP technology in manufacturing environments has increased as automation systems have migrated to using network infrastructures to transmit data. IP cameras are used for monitoring the performance and safety record of production line machinery, robots and the employees that work alongside them. Video footage is also used for process analysis and optimisation, resulting in improved productivity and quality control. Improving day-to-day operations like this not only drives performance, it also leads to a faster return on investment (ROI).

Of course, when it comes to the traditional security applications, NW Security Group excels at specifying CCTV systems that are suitable for use in industrial locations, inside and out. By using cameras designed specifically for use in these environments and making use of our support and maintenance services, customers can be assured their cameras will function in the most demanding conditions and ultimately, that their investment is protected.

The consequences of lapses in health and safety as well as other regulatory compliance can be far reaching, with the reputational damage alone from such breaches having an immeasurable cost. We have years of experience designing and installing security systems that help companies ensure the correct use of equipment, stop unauthorised access to hazardous or sterile production areas, and even monitor the status of temperature-sensitive equipment and materials. Should an incident occur though, the latest IP-based technologies such as video surveillance and access control allow the location of staff and the events leading up to the incident to be quickly reviewed – this can prove invaluable when proving where responsibility lies.