Safeguarding and security to help students prosper

Schools, colleges and universities play a vital role in protecting the welfare of students, and NW Security Group understands the challenges this presents for staff. By taking a more holistic approach to the provision of CCTV, access control and intrusion detection, we use the latest technology to help reduce the burden of safeguarding in addition to keeping buildings and the persons within, safe and secure.

School students in corridor

The requirements for safeguarding, particularly for under-18 year olds in schools and colleges, place increasingly prescriptive duties on staff. Using video surveillance technology to preempt and identify issues such as mistreatment, bullying and mental health concerns not only helps in the rapid response to a situation, but also ensures every student can learn in a safe environment. Real-time video analytics offer additional value, serving as an early warning system and empowering staff to proactively promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

As the educational landscape is reshaped by ever-changing risks, security solutions need to tackle more than just the age-old problems of vandalism and theft. Issues ranging from complaints of verbal abuse or assault in the classroom, to the growing threat of terror-related attacks all now need to be considered by the modern educator. NW Security Group has years of experience designing and installing security systems to meet the needs of this shifting landscape and ensuring compliance with statutory guidance as well as cyber-security and safeguarding policies.

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