Positive Steps

Case Study

Positive Steps improve safety and security by replacing their legacy analogue CCTV system

Exterior of Positive Steps' building in Oldham
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When Positive Steps moved into an old building in Oldham, the not-for-profit organisation inherited an analogue surveillance system from the 90s which they found was becoming increasingly unreliable and inadequate. Having used the old camera system for years, it was becoming clear that a better system was needed in order to enhance the safety for both staff and the many visitors Positive Steps welcomes each day.

After some research into possible solutions, Positive Steps selected Axis as the preferred provider for the cameras and NW Security Group as the expert integrator for detailed system design and installation. NW Security Group proposed a system with 14 Axis IP cameras, utilising unobtrusive indoor models powered via PoE on the existing network and for outdoor locations, camera models that featured Axis’ Lightfinder technology were selected to ensure high performance in dark conditions.

Milestone XProtect video management software was placed at the heart of the system, with recordings being stored on a NAS, allowing convenient access to the system via the network and remotely via browsers and Milestone’s mobile client.

The Axis-Milestone IP video solution, specified and installed by NW Security, has provided Positive Steps with a robust, high-performance, easy-to-use CCTV system that can be accessed and monitored by managers 27/4, both locally as well as remotely. The system provides the staff with a safer and more secure work environment and provides much improved security for the customers using Positive Steps’ services.