Creating safe and secure environments for care

As care providers strive to comply with evolving regulatory requirements and meet rising expectations from stakeholders, the demands placed upon them may sometimes seem never-ending. By taking an all-encompassing approach to the provision of CCTV, access control and intrusion detection, NW Security Group deploys the latest technology to reduce the burden of safeguarding and help keep care environments and the persons within, safe and secure.

Residents and carer in the day room at a residential care home

By combining video monitoring with the smart use of access control and the detection of intruders, care providers can minimise the risk of incidents that can have not only a serious impact on daily operations but also do immeasurable reputational damage. We work closely with our customers to assess risk and design security solutions that help prevent scenarios such as unauthorised access to prescribed medicines, malicious complaints against staff, incidents of abuse or assault, wandering behaviour and the unauthorised removal of vulnerable adults or children from premises.

Whatever type of care is being provided – day care, residential care, nursing care or dependency rehabilitation, the use of CCTV needs to be lawful and proportionate to risk. Compliance with a raft of regulations including the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidance on using surveillance is vital to protecting privacy and treating people with dignity and respect. NW Security Group understands the challenges of security provision in care environments and our consultancy and training services ensure appropriate controls are in place and that staff members are trained in the proper use of security systems and record keeping.

We have a range of support services for any security system that we install, ranging from regular maintenance of cameras, helpdesk support and system health checks through to fully managed system administration. This comprehensive approach to supporting our customers provides peace of mind that their security system continues to be fit for purpose and in turn, that their investment is protected well into the future.

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