Reliable networked intruder alarms

Versatile operation and comprehensive alarm management

Vanderbilt is a leading manufacturer of high-quality security technologies and its SPC platform is what we turn to when implementing intruder alarm systems. With support for hundreds of zones and thousands of users, we use SPC to create solutions for systems of any size.

Vanderbilt Intrusion Detection Systems - Technology Partner

The SPC platform is ideal for businesses that need reliable intrusion detection with centrally managed configuration and administration. SPC meets the highest intrusion detection standards for a system in its class, with international external accreditations that include EN, VdS and NF-a2p.

Controllers are protected with built-in encryption, and a common architecture ensures enough speed and memory space for future system expansions and upgrades. This approach to security and future-resilient design means your intruder alarm system can grow with ease, protecting your business and providing value in the long-term.

Integrated systems

The integration of Vanderbilt SPC intrusion detection with the Milestone Video Management System (VMS) allows SPC systems to be controlled and zone information to be displayed all from within the Milestone interface. Integrating intrusion detection with other IP-based security systems not only maximises the overall effectiveness of your security measures, it also makes it easier to manage the different components of your security provision.

Our specialist knowledge of deep integration with technology from Axis Communications and Milestone Systems allows us to create solutions where intruder alarm events trigger within Milestone. Having remote access to any potential alarm, plus video surveillance for instant verification helps save a huge amount of time for those involved in monitoring the system.

Vanderbilt products

The Vanderbilt product range comprises:

  • Fully-scalable networked intruder alarm system (SPC platform)
  • IP-based control panels, keypads and expanders
  • Wired and wireless detector devices

About Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is a subsidiary of ACRE, a global leader in security technology enterprises. The Vanderbilt brand has been established and strengthened via the acquisition of several successful end-to-end security system providers including Ingersoll Rand and Siemens. Vanderbilt is now the largest independent business of its kind in the security industry with a head office in Ireland and numerous other offices in the US and across Europe.