Smart, secure, scalable and simple to use

High-performance video surveillance in the cloud

Morphean is regarded as the European leader in Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and is our hosted video surveillance provider of choice. We use Morphean for specific use cases where a cloud-based solution is more suitable than a centralised system that utilises local storage and Video Management Software (VMS). Our RemoteManager service also uses the Morphean platform, providing remote access to live views of construction and development projects.

Morphean apps being used on mobile phone and web browser

End-to-end security

The Morphean platform uses the highest levels of security in enterprise-level data centres and encrypted links between cameras and servers. Any data you choose to store locally on a camera SD card or Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is all encrypted. This means even if a camera is stolen, the data is protected.


The number of cameras and optional services can be changed to meet your requirements as your system grows, offering solid investment protection.

The size of your system is only really limited by your internet connection. Factors such as location, lighting conditions and levels of activity all need to be considered because they have an impact on the bandwidth used. Fortunately, our expertise in system design and engineering means we can ensure the optimum number of cameras are specified to meet your security requirements and that they’re installed and configured correctly.

Cost effective

Other than the purchase of your IP cameras and licences for any required analytics apps, there is no investment required for recording and storage hardware, or a VMS. Instead, a small, recurring monthly fee means the total cost of ownership is far less than a traditional CCTV system.

Morphean products

The Morphean product range comprises:

  • Hosted video surveillance with remote access via the web and mobile apps
  • Optional add-on services including video analytics and online storage

About Morphean

Morphean is a Swiss company with roots in hi-tech software development and digital video technology, established in 2009 as an offshoot from Softcom Technologies. With its head office in Switzerland, Morphean is active in the whole of Europe and serves customers worldwide. In 2013, Morphean became the official hosting provider for Axis Communications, the world-leader in IP cameras.