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Hosted video surveillance and analysis

Hosted services are being used increasingly more and more by organisations of all sizes and advances in technology have now led to cloud-based CCTV being a viable option for your security system.

Morphean apps being used on mobile phone and web browser

With a cloud-based solution, you’re able to easily and securely access your cameras, view live video and playback recorded footage – all from any location using an internet enabled device. Getting your system up and running is simple too because there’s no need to install and configure recording servers or network attached storage, and you’ll find managing your day-to-day video surveillance operations very straightforward.

Our fully managed CCTV solution of choice is called VideoProtector and it’s much more than just “cloud storage” for your video footage. VideoProtector is a fully featured hosted video surveillance platform that can proactively detect incidents and even provide valuable video analysis to help optimise your business. It’s built by Morphean – market leaders in VSaaS (Video Surveillance As A Service), and is only available in the UK via NW Security Group and a handful of other security systems specialists.

With no requirement to invest in recording and storage hardware, and no Video Management Software (VMS) to licence and upgrade over time, the total cost of ownership using Morphean’s VideoProtector is far less than a traditional centralised CCTV system. Other than the purchase of your IP cameras and licences for any required analytics apps, there is no further investment – you’ll have a cutting-edge video surveillance system for a small, recurring monthly fee.

Big benefits for a small monthly fee

  • Add cameras easily with OneClick connection
  • Easy-to-use and secure remote access via web, iOS and Android apps
  • Instant push notifications of events via mobile or email
  • No need for a dedicated PC, recording server or storage drives
  • Record to on-camera SD card or direct to secure online storage
  • Robust end-to-end security measures and protection from cyber threats
  • UK data centre means no cross-border data transfer

Add only the features you need

The monthly fee for VideoProtector costs just £4.95 per channel and your system can be easily tailored to meet your requirements with add-on enhancements including:

  • Advanced motion detection
  • Audio analysis and detection
  • Point Of Sale (POS) data integration
  • People counting / demographics
  • Heat mapping
  • Queue management
  • Online storage

The monthly fee for VideoProtector and any add-on service is simply billed quarterly in your subscription. The number of cameras and optional services can be changed to meet your requirements as your system grows, offering solid investment protection.

How does it work?

Morphean VideoProtector works by creating a secure connection between each of your cameras, the cloud (a state-of-the-art UK-based data centre) and your web browser or mobile app.

Illustration of how Morphean VideoProtector works

In its simplest form, without add-on features, the system stores video data on each camera’s SD-card and detects motion using an application on-board each camera. Optional video analysis applications either run on each relevant camera or in the cloud. Further processing is also then performed in the cloud using Morphean’s own algorithms to help the system “learn” and incrementally reduce false alarms.

This whole approach results in much of the system’s complexity residing securely in the cloud. That means minimal work for your IT resources and makes it an ideal solution for small businesses, independent retailers and schools.

Note, although VideoProtector is an open platform system, using IP cameras from Axis Communications maximises the use of VideoProtector’s intelligent features and camera applications so we recommend the use of Axis cameras in all VideoProtector installations.

Is VideoProtector right for you?

Cloud-based CCTV is versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications. The number of cameras and how they’re deployed is only really limited by your internet connection.

Factors such as location, lighting conditions and levels of activity all need to be considered because they have an impact on the bandwidth used. Fortunately, we have years of experience designing, installing and optimising video surveillance systems so an initial chat will quickly give us an idea if VideoProtector is right for you.

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