A unified cloud solution for CCTV, video analytics, and access control

Arcules logoArcules Cloud helps businesses to progress by offering a Cloud Security platform that facilitates smarter working, is easier to scale, reduces resources, and is cyber hardened. With a strong focus on customer workflows, low video latency and platform-driven video analytics, Arcules delivers a cloud CCTV platform that empowers managers to run their operations better and have greater insights into their business. An integrated platform for both CCTV and access control means just one interface to manage both, with the ability to link visual verification to any access control events to make your system more powerful.

Arcules Cloud subscriptions

Arcules Cloud is a subscription-based model, enabling you to spread the cost of video management and storage over time as opposed to making upfront investments in server and storage hardware to be installed on-site. Arcules Cloud CCTV supports a range of resolutions, including HD 720p, HD 1080p, 4 megapixel and 4K, and offers customers the choice from cloud retention times as short as 3 days to 90 days or longer if needed.

The Arcules Cloud system

Arcules cloud CCTV infrastructure schematicThe Arcules Cloud system is easy to deploy and manage. As an organisation you typically have one Arcules Cloud account with cameras connected from one or multiple sites, and with user access rights managed on a per-site or per camera basis, ensuring only pre-authorised people will have access to specified video data. On each site, an Arcules Cloud Gateway device will need to be added to your LAN. This device connects your cameras to the Arcules Cloud platform and reliably manages the video upload from the site to the cloud where the footage will be stored for the specified amount of time. In case of bandwidth saturation on the upload connection the Arcules Cloud Gateway will buffer the video data until capacity becomes available, whilst it also temporarily stores video data in case of an Internet disconnect, with the footage automatically being uploaded when the Internet connection comes back up.

Open platform

With support for over 3,000 IP camera models, the Arcules open platform system enables you to migrate your existing cameras to an Arcules Cloud account without the need to buy new cameras. All leading camera manufacturers are supported, including Axis Communications, Bosch, Panasonic, Mobotix, and more.

About Arcules

Cannon Group and Google Cloud logosHeadquartered in California, USA, Arcules is a Canon Group company from the same stable as Axis Communications and Milestone Systems. As a Google Cloud partner, Arcules turns video data into business intelligence by leveraging video and IoT data using advanced AI and cloud technologies. Arcules’ focus is on enabling organisations to optimise their business operations and improve security and safety for people around the world.