Reliable solutions require reliable partners

Working in partnership to deliver proven security systems

Through close and long-term partnerships with leading industry manufacturers, we ensure you benefit from the latest in IP security technology and drive value from solutions designed to suit your unique business requirements.

Illustration of products and partnership working

Having a security system installed can sometimes feel like a complicated process. Furthermore, choosing a solution that works not only in the short term, but continues to provide value long into the future is vital to protecting your investment. To ease this burden, we work in close partnership with manufacturers of premium IP camera, access control and intrusion detection technology to provide all-encompassing solutions that not only address your security requirements but also streamline the route to operational efficiency.

We take a forward-thinking approach and work with our customers to make them fully aware of the possibilities that the latest CCTV and network-based security systems have to offer. In addition to enhancing security, operational efficiency gains can be made using valuable business intelligence obtained from IP video analytics. To help customers achieve this, we carefully select our technology partners based not only on the quality and reliability of technology, but also their versatility so we can create solutions that go beyond security in the long-term.

We continually assess the warranty and backup support provided by our partners to ensure we are adding value across the duration of a solution’s lifespan. We prefer to work with manufacturers that operate a formal partner certification scheme whereby the manufacturer and integrator are both committed to providing a premium service that works to the benefit of our customers, protecting their investment into the future.