Report – Preparing for the Next Generation of CCTV Systems

During the Autumn of 2020, NW Security Group commissioned an in-depth study of businesses with more than 50 employees who are running their own CCTV systems. We wanted to explore the plans that medium and large-sized businesses had for their existing CCTV systems right across England.

Download this comprehensive report to learn more about how CCTV is changing and how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping that change.

Areas of specific focus for the study included ‘Cloud CCTV’ adoption as new Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) offerings begin to fill out and gain market traction. The report also includes improvements people would like to see on their existing systems.

We also wanted to explore whether COVID-19 was accelerating Cloud CCTV migration plans. We wanted to probe how advanced businesses’ plans were for the redeployment of existing network video systems to help keep workspaces safe for staff that needed to carry on working on-site right through the pandemic.

The full report is available here for download for free and without the need to enter any personal details or an email address.

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