Market research report – UK Video Analytics Adoption Trends 2021

We commissioned nationally-respected market research firm Opinium to execute a market survey into the video analytics adoption trends in England. We also wanted to explore the expectations that businesses had for the adoption and usage of a wide range of video analytics tools, and what their experiences are. We looked for an answer to the question ‘How well is video analytics performing for businesses?’

We would like to share the research findings with you as there are some surprising statistics. Download the report and find out which type of video analytics are most widely deployed, what are the drivers for adoption, and what do senior managers think of the performance of video analytics.

The report also aims to provide some insights into the common challenges seen with deploying video analytics, and some of the basics to follow for preventing disappointing outcomes.

Finally, the report also touches upon the importance of the need for data usage and protection policies to be reviewed as a result of the rise of video analytics, referencing a real-world example that went wrong and was widely reported in the national press. We intend to undertake further market research into this fundamentally important topic in the course of 2022.

The full report is available for download for free and without the need to leave your personal details or email address. Please contact us if you would like to discuss elements of the report or would like further information.

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