Raising standards to the benefit of all

NW Security is a company with strong values. Excellence2020 Logo We foster honest relationships with our customers, our suppliers and within our company. We aim to deliver high standards and add value in all that we undertake, and work to the benefit of all stakeholders involved with our company. We promote learning, transparency, information sharing, and aim for best practice.

Excellence2020 is our internal management framework, aimed to keep our focus on those core values. It helps us to look for continuous improvement and to communicate to new team members what level of performance is expected.

Excellence2020 – What do we stand for?

Our areas of focus are depicted in the Excellence2020 diagram:

NW Security Excellence - honeycomb diagram

We make it easy

We believe in making things easy. It’s at the core of our company philosophy and driven through all we do. We like to lift barriers and make it easy for our customers to deal with us, use our applications and work with our products and solutions.

We are specialists

Uniquely, we are a mix of IT and security professionals, enabling us to deliver complete solutions that work and meet individual requirements.

Quality in products

We offer branded products from established manufacturers only. We select vendors not only on the quality and reliability of their products but also assess the warranty and backup support they provide during the course of a product’s life.

We prefer to work with manufacturers that operate a formal partner certification scheme whereby the manufacturer and integrator sign an agreement, committing both parties to provide a high-level service that works to the benefit of our customers.

We are acknowledged technology leaders

NW Security Group is a leading partner of Axis Communications, Milestone Systems, Sony and Mobotix with over 10 years of experience working with these brands.

A trusted relationship

Our ‘Buy with Confidence’ commitment is to ensure a trusted relationship with our customers. Our commitment is to provide best value through offering reliable, quality products at competitive prices, backed up by independent expert advice, smooth project delivery and a high-standard of customer service delivery, whilst providing flexible, value-add solutions and services that are bespoke and provide real benefits.