Key Benefits

Network-based CCTV systems offer long term value

Three great reasons to use IP video technology

The attractiveness of IP video is that it can offer much more than just security.

User remotely accessing IP video system

The ability to easily distribute video and the use of specialist analytics software in IP video systems means collaborative working doesn’t have to be hindered by distance and real-time alerts can be generated in response to specific operational events.

The versatility offered by IP video has allowed many organisations to smartly deploy IP CCTV to gather business intelligence, manage daily operations and generate cost-savings.

The business case for the use of an IP video system as a key business management tool is very strong. In short, there are three key reasons.

1. Enhanced Security

Our advanced CCTV solutions offer:

  • Unmistakable identification of individuals and evidence capture
  • High-end technologies such as thermal imaging and 360° vision cameras
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Bespoke integration capabilities
  • Investment protection through use of Open Platform solutions

2. Business Intelligence

Video information is increasingly being used for:

  • Process analysis and optimisation
  • Track-and-trace
  • Handling of damage and insurance claims
  • HR management
  • Heat mapping and dwell time analysis
  • People and vehicle counting

3. Improved Efficiency

The great benefits of a networked system:

  • Access live and recorded video from anywhere
  • Use your existing IT infrastructure
  • Easy viewing via smartphones and tablets
  • Improved collaboration and intelligence sharing
  • Speed up decision making