IP video offers much more than just security surveillance

New opportunities

The shift to IP-based video systems creates new opportunities going beyond CCTV’s traditional purpose of security surveillance.

Whilst a key use of IP video will remain the improvement of security and safety, a whole host of other areas of operation is now benefiting from this technology. In many cases we see IP video cameras being used in a multi-purpose fashion, often combining security with operational and wider business management functions. Customers cite ‘new efficiency’ in operations as one of the key benefits of IP video.


Factory floor featuring industrial machinery

Within industrial settings, network video is being used for process analysis and optimisation, monitoring production lines, managing quality control and detecting intrusions of hazardous or sterile production areas. IP cameras are also being used for ensuring correct use of machines and equipment, H&S and staff training.


Students walking in the grounds of the college campus

Safeguarding of students is any school‘s first priority. In addition, IP CCTV is being used for monitoring student behaviour and to deal with instances of bullying. Complicated issues with student-teacher relations has also been high on the agenda. Monitoring computer rooms and libraries are other common uses, as is the fight against out-of-hours vandalism.


Forklift at logistics warehouse

In goods warehousing and transport, hi-res IP cameras are being used for track-and-trace, meeting many retailers‘ requirements to be able to provide clear evidence footage for up to six months. Goods handling companies also use cameras to deal quickly with damage and insurance claims.


Construction site monitored by IP dome camera

IP cameras are being used for project management and monitoring progress, as well as providing expert advise from a remote location. Marketing teams use high-end cameras for creating time lapse movies and live video streaming for project promotion.


Shopping mall and retail displays

Beyond fighting shrinkage and customer and staff security, IP cameras are used for heat mapping and dwell time analysis, integration with EPOS systems to counteract sweethearting, monitoring store presentation, queue management, as well as dealing quickly with false slip and trip claims.


Shopping mall and retail displays

Live video content is a powerful marketing tool for the promotion of businesses in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors. Surf cams, golf cams, ski cams and scenic and wildlife cameras attract huge visitor numbers to our customers’ websites and social media channels, generating additional engagement, enquiries and business.

Endless possibilities

The list of possibilities is endless. We have provided bespoke, hosted video solutions for traffic management, installed cameras for medical student training, and provided live streaming cameras to schools for students to observe nature from the classroom, and much more.