IP Video

Endless possibilities for video surveillance and operational monitoring applications

The world has moved from analogue to IP

Like most other areas of technology, the video surveillance world has moved from analogue to IP. Organisations today are looking for an IP-based CCTV solution to take advantage of higher resolution video, greater intelligence, easy distribution of information and flexibility and scalability through ease of installation and the use of existing hardware and networks.

Axis IP cameras mounted on ceiling at airport

New opportunities

This shift to IP-based video systems has opened up a new range of uses going beyond CCTV’s traditional purpose of security surveillance. New opportunities are plentiful, spanning operational management in manufacturing, transport and retail, to live video streaming of events in the online media sector.

Easy integration

With network video there is virtually no limitation to where video can be captured or watched. IP video can be integrated easily using existing IT and communication infrastructures, making use of available networks, hardware and software. Live or recorded video footage can be delivered whenever and wherever it is required.

Superior image quality

It’s all about image quality. HD and advanced megapixel IP cameras deliver superior image quality leaving no detail missed. High resolution cameras also have a much greater field of view, reducing the number of cameras required on an installation, which reduces cost.

Intelligence increases effectiveness

Video analytics make cameras ‘intelligent’ and with that, more effective. Intelligent analytics include applications such as motion detection, spotting an object being removed, facial recognition, virtual tripwire detection, people or vehicle counting, automatic number plate recognition and auto-tracking, whereby a pan-tilt-zoom camera can follow a moving object.

With video analytics, a camera becomes a virtual 24/7 guard, able to raise the alarm and notify system users.

Flexibility through ease of installation

One-cable camera installation using Power-over-Ethernet, wireless technologies and the use of existing network infrastructure and computer hardware create a major pull for organisations to go IP.

With the additional advantages of reduced maintenance cost and easy system scalability the business case for IP video is undeniable.

See video from anywhere, any time

With network-based video systems there is virtually no limitation to where video can be captured or can be viewed. As long as the camera and the user have network connectivity, video from anywhere can be watched, anywhere.