EU GDPR Readiness – Quick Checklist

Are you already on the right track to compliance?

Answer our 10 checklist questions for an instant indication of whether you’re on the right track to EU GDPR compliance

The more questions you’re able to answer “Yes”, the closer you are to being GDPR compliant. If you’re unsure of an answer, perhaps there is someone in your organisation that can help? If not – just select “Unsure” and move on to the next question.

By completing this checklist you will discover:

  • Your current level of awareness regarding the requirements of the EU GDPR
  • If there are aspects of your current processes that may need improvement
  • How much work might still be needed if you undertook a full EU GDPR Organisational Readiness Assessment
  • PLUS: You can sign-up for an optional 5-part email guide to a commonly misunderstood aspect of the GDPR – obtaining consent

Answer each question below:

The checklist questions are taken from our full EU GDPR Organisational Readiness Assessment – they serve as an indicator, but the full assessment is of course far more detailed and helps create an actionable road map to compliance.

The responses to the checklist questions will form a survey into EU GDPR readiness and we may use the survey data as part of our marketing activity. The survey is anonymous but the use of cookies allow the survey to function properly. For more information about the use of cookies on this website, see our privacy notice.