The new Axis Q6215-LE: a long-range night vision security camera built for exposed locations

Posted June 05th, 2019 by Daniel Miller

Have you met the new Axis Q6215-LE?

This recently launched Q6215-LE pan-tilt-zoom IP camera presents a design based on exacting military standards, making it ideal for surveillance in demanding situations such as airports, harbours and busy logistic and manufacturing sites requiring detailed CCTV footage, high controllability and powerful optical zoom to cover long distances and wide areas.

What’s different about this camera?

Axis Q6215-LE

Designed for the most challenging environments, the Axis Q6215-LE has a built-in infrared specifically designed to mitigate issues such as insects obscuring the field of view by moving across the camera lens while attracted by the light (we have previously spoken about built-in and external IR pros and cons – you can read more here); Axis have solved this issue by siting the illumination away from the sensor, reducing the chance of obstruction on the lens.
Another new feature is the integrated silicone wiper, this handy feature helps to remove dirt or rain on the lens to keep images clear in a variety of weather conditions.

The long-distance surveillance is made possible by a ½” image sensor built into the left side of the camera and the long-distance 400m OptimisedIR, built on the right side. This design ensures an evenly lit view at night and at all zoom levels.
Weighting 8Kg and with a rugged design, the Axis Q6215-LE camera can withstand extreme weather including up to 152mph winds; this model also contains Arctic Temperature Control, a new technology that enables the camera to start in temperatures as low as -40°, making this camera ideal for any weather or location around the world.

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As you’d expect, the casing is IK10-rated vandal-resistant and impact resistant, as well as having IP66/IP68 ingress ratings.

What about its high-performance pan tilt zoom capability?

The Axis Q6215-LE produces high quality footage from HD 1080p recording at 60fps, in addition it also has a 360⁰ pan and the ability to look up or down by 20⁰ (mount dependent).

With a powerful 30x optical zoom, investigating details in an area of interest is easy, with integrated built-in innovative OptimisedIR, the angle of illumination is automatically adapted when you zoom, to keep the scene evenly illuminated.
Another useful feature is the 256 pre-set positions (configurable in the Axis Camera Station VMS), this enables your security system to work smarter by moving the Q6215-LE to a specified position after a trigger or action rule, cutting the costs of control room staff and avoiding human error scenarios.

That’s not it! There are more useful features!

Mounting flexibility

Axis Q6215-LE comes included of an adjustable mounting plate, allowing the mount to be either above or below the unit and making the Q6215-LE more flexible, safer and easier to install.


Zipstream is an Axis technology that helps to lower bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50%, while ensuring that important details are retained in the video stream; as you can guess, this technology allows to cut down storage costs without affecting the storage capability.

Zipstream differentiates itself from other compression technologies by using intelligent algorithms to ensure the identification of relevant forensic information, their recording and storage at a full frame rate; from a security point of view, this is a great feature as it preserves important details that can make the difference, such as clear view of faces, licence plate numbers, tattoos, clothing etc…

Axis Guard Suite analytics pre-installed

Axis Guard Suite analytics comprehend motion, intrusion detection and loitering, to automatically detect threats and alert your security staff.

To sum up…

Ideal for demanding surveillance applications in exposed areas such as ports or on large site perimeters, the Q6215-LE is a ‘metal mickey’-type camera built to withstand extreme weather while still delivering fast and smooth panning, tilting and powerful zooming performance. The powerful image sensor and up to 400m of infrared illumination provide advanced, high quality views day or night.

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