NW Security Group sponsors the UTS Youth Academy

Posted April 05th, 2019 by Daniel Miller

NW Security Group is proud to announce its sponsorship of the UTS Youth Academy.

The Youth Academy started in the summer of 2018, with the aim to involve the younger generation in sport activities, exercising while having fun and developing their physical literacy; the initiative has seen a very positive response from the community, counting over 50 kids attending the Academy’s weekly classes.

Frank Crouwel and Neil Parsley standing in front of one of the many pieces of equipment sponsored by NW Security Group

“The Youth Academy work and commitment to help children get active is inspiring and we wanted to support them in this great initiative”

Frank Crouwel

The UTS Youth Academy wholeheartedly believe in putting “the athlete before the sport”, meaning developing a child’s overall athleticism in order to develop co-ordination and movement skills which will allow children to play various sports competently.

NW Security Group has been very active within the Wirral community for many years, helping children in the local community flourish by mentoring groups from the younger generation through the Wirral Young Chamber; Frank Crouwel, Managing Director of NW Security Group, also is closely involved with youth football in his free time, and the continuous commitment of the UTS towards children in the local community perfectly reflects the company’s values.

““After its launch in 2018, the Youth Academy, has seen an incredible growth, counting over 50 kids attending every week; this growth highlighted the necessity of new equipment, which led to a fantastic collaboration between the UTS and NW Security Group”

coach Neil Parsley

More on the UTS Youth Academy can be found on their website.

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