Intelligent Video Analytics for Retail

Posted November 28th, 2018 by Alessandra Atria

How many times have you been in a shop, waiting in a queue to pay and then, suddenly another till has opened and you found yourself at the front of the queue?

You might have thought: “What a coincidence! It must be my lucky day!”
Lucky, surely, but a coincidence? Not really…

There are many ways to improve customer experience, and one of them is to shorten wait times at tills, after all, no one likes to wait!

But how can you achieve such a simple task without having to employ additional staff and increase physical monitoring of your clientele?

Two words: Intelligent Analytics.

Video Analytics can easily transform your CCTV into an intelligent and effective detection and stats gathering tool. One that will not only protect your premises but also help

improve customer experience though stats gathering and improved customer service.

The various video insights that can help your retail business include:

Retail Hotspots

Your cameras can help identify the shelves and aisles of your shop that get visited the most though heat maps. Categorising the products that gain higher attention and the ones that get attention but don’t produce the sale. Taking strategic decisions after you’ve gathered all the information will be easy and save hours of work!

Loss prevention

By combining your CCTV cameras with the till/stockroom software, you’ll be able to identify unusual behaviours and prevent loss of goods and stock shrinkage.

Queue length

To prevent long queues and unhappy customers, setup a simple monitor of checkouts. It can be set up differently at different times of the day and the year. Your camera will be able to identify long queues and trigger the opening new tills and send out a message through the speakers to alert your staff. The same camera also gathers stats all year around, which you can use to better plan staff levels, as well as to cut down queue abandonment.

Traffic routes

Intelligent analytics can help analyse the way your customers move around the store and identify the best routes and layouts in order to increase sales and improve customer experience.

Store Visits

Identify the number of visits your store receive during the day and the year and plan your staff shifts.

Demographic Identifier

Intelligent analytics are also able to count male and female visitors, providing an age estimate; your team can use this useful info both to take strategic decisions and to set automated targeted messages being displayed/streamed to specific audiences.

These are examples of the possibilities of intelligent analytics for CCTV. Many other options are available depending on your business needs. One example is the integration between video and audio: one speaker can undertake several actions, from playing background music to pre-set and unplanned announcements.
Visiting a store can be a magical experience. The perception that your clientele has of their experience will influence their decision to visit again. By using Intelligent Analytics you can create the best possible experience.

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