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Posted November 06th, 2018 by Alessandra Atria

When implementing your Security System, it is fundamental to look at all the available options on the market and choose not just the right solutions for your business requirements, but also for the best long-term return on investment.

The security market is continuously expanding and bringing to life new products and technologies, and the choice for the business is vast and, sometimes, time consuming. We strongly advocate that businesses going through this decision process always consult with knowledgeable and reliable industry experts, who will steer them in the right long-term direction.

One of the biggest issues we encounter when looking at security systems is the number of false alarms, caused by non-threats, and the consequent loss of system performance and effectiveness this creates.

The importance of false alarms is particularly high when looking at perimeter security and we find that non-responsive or over-responsive perimeter detection systems have a great impact on how a system is perceived, operated and maintained, affecting its implementation, running and maintenance costs. The good news is that this issue can be tackled and that there are several different video analytics solutions for varying businesses requirements.

Today we want to introduce you to Axis Perimeter Defender, a highly accurate and scalable application for intrusion detection, able to identify multiple events occurring at the same time in different parts of your chosen perimeter.

This application can be installed directly on your CCTV camera, analysing events directly on the camera, without any need of additional hardware – and which minimises the storage space and the network bandwidth required, as only actual events with a high likelihood of accuracy are sent to the VMS server for recording.

What are the applications?

Your AXIS Perimeter Defender solution will be able to detect four different type of scenarios:

  • Intrusion
  • Zone Crossing
  • Loitering
  • Conditional zone crossing
  • The detection will be highly accurate, as the intelligent analytics will be able to distinguish a human shape or a vehicle from a small animal, a branch moving or flashing lights.

    How does it work?

    Axis Perimeter Defender is a video analytic which registers and interprets moving objects. Its machine learning capability categorises the objects and determines, in real time, whether the object is of interest (particularly a person or a vehicle) and then determines through rules whether that object should be there or not. In the case where the object matches the detection rules, the alarm is sent to the VMS along with position information which enables the

    operator to track the movement of the object, again in real time.

    What are the steps to set up Axis Perimeter Detection in your VMD?

    The first step is to install the software on your camera(s) and then calibrate the software whilst determining the vulnerable perimeter areas that you want to monitor.

    The calibration of the camera is the most important part of the whole process, as it ensures that the software can recognise a human shape at different distances within the chosen perimeter; if the calibration is not carried properly, Axis Perimeter Defender won’t be able to properly detect threats. This calibration process is achieved through a “walk test”, during which a real person or vehicle passes in front of the camera at different distances within the perimeter.

    Of course, positioning the camera and illuminating the scene are also extremely important considerations and this must be done correctly based on the guidelines which Axis provide for the software.

    Once the camera is properly calibrated, it will be able to detect any threat coming into view.

    Once the detection has taken place, the camera will send a message through the network, alerting the metadata bridge software component running alongside the VMS, which will then pass the information to the software, prompting a chosen action (this could be triggering an alarm, sending an alert message to through the speakers, flashing security lights etc)

    This easy integration and the accurate detection principles enabled by AXIS Perimeter Defender, make the solution a great long-term investment for the protection of your perimeter and the benefit of your security operations.

    If you wish to get more information, or to see a demonstration, please get in touch.

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