Is your organisation on track for GDPR compliance?

Posted February 13th, 2018 by Paul Sandford

GDPR Readiness Quick ChecklistAccording to recent figures, more than 50% of UK companies will not be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the 25th May deadline1. Don’t get caught out; we’ve launched a free GDPR Readiness checklist tool to give you a quick indication of whether you’re making adequate preparations for the new legislation’s requirements.

If you haven’t begun preparations for GDPR compliance, there is still time. Awareness of the new regulation has been steadily rising in recent months, however, the consensus is that UK firms are still underprepared and therefore at risk of some prodigious fines. To combat this lack of awareness and help UK organisations ensure they have the appropriate measures in place to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), NW Security has developed a free GDPR Readiness – Quick Checklist to help organisations determine if they are already on track for compliance with the new legislation.

Increasing awareness across the UK

As experts in providing security consultancy and training, we’ve been travelling the UK providing a range of awareness seminars. The GDPR Readiness checklist formed a vital part of each seminar, helping attendees determine the current effectiveness of their data protection processes on their respective pathways to compliance. One of the seminars was held at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce in Birkenhead, hosting delegates from a range of sectors in the local area to help them heighten their understanding of the new regulations and identify how it could impact their business.

Laura Cross, Director at Concentric HR and one of the attendees at the seminar, said of the event:

The GDPR Readiness checklist was one of the most useful aspects of the seminar. It really helped me understand how far along the journey to GDPR compliance our business is. Knowing that there are external experts out there who can support us along the way is very reassuring.

As a provider of IP-based security solutions, cybersecurity has always been an industry issue we have taken incredibly seriously. It is imperative that any solution we recommend to a customer protects the data that is generated. Making this tool available to companies across the UK will help them determine how to best prepare themselves and their supply chains for GDPR.

Answer our 10 checklist questions and find out if your company is on the journey to compliance: EU GDPR Readiness – Quick Checklist


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