Live view of Principal Tower development in the City of London

Posted May 06th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Principal Tower and IP cameras used for RemoteManagerProperty development firm W1 Developments, together with Brookfield and Concord Pacific, is building Principal Tower in the City of London. The tower forms the centrepiece of Principal Place and is considered by many to be the most iconic new high-rise residential development in the city.

When building began, W1 Developments were looking for a way of visually monitoring progress of the three-year construction and were also looking to explore the marketing value of delivering live views and time-lapse video recordings of the construction process.

W1 Developments approached NW Systems, asking for an IP-based video solution that could deliver high quality images from a construction site setting where network connectivity was unavailable.

We have extensive experience of creating cost-effective, construction site-friendly solutions that allow development firms to remotely monitor projects using IP video – it’s a service we call RemoteManager.

For this particular project we installed an Axis IP camera, together with a Mobotix camera on the roof of a nearby high-rise tower and teamed this hardware up with a secure high speed 3G cellular broadband connection. This solution provided comprehensive coverage round the clock and also, high quality images and a time-lapse movie for the marketing team at W1 Developments.

Construction Magazine recently published a full-length article on the use of RemoteManager at the Principal Tower development and more details can also be found in our W1 Developments case study.

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