NW Systems partners with Kentima to exploit opportunities for IP video integration with building management systems and manufacturing plants in the UK

Posted April 25th, 2014 by Jessica Brooks

Mads Bo Frederiksen, area sales manager, Kentima & Frank Crouwel, managing director of NW Systems Group
Mads Bo Frederiksen, area sales manager, Kentima & Frank Crouwel, managing director of NW Systems Group

NW Systems Group has partnered with Swedish integrated solutions provider Kentima, as both companies eye up the opportunities for integration of IP video with Building Management Systems (BMS) and the wider deployment of video monitoring systems in manufacturing and processing plants in the UK.

NW Systems has been deploying IP video monitoring systems in UK factories, processing plants, logistical centres, office buildings and schools for some years. It has been looking for a specialist open platform software provider with domain expertise to partner with and to help expand its offering in the BMS and industrial automation sectors.

Kentima offers highly visual solutions based on HMI/SCADA (Human Machine Interface/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and a powerful interoperability standard called OPC, which together enables rapid and inexpensive inter-connectivity between systems even if they are using non-IP based communications protocols.

For NW Systems‘ founder Frank Crouwel the real power of IP video can only be fully realised in intelligent buildings if cameras are fully integrated with other systems supporting centralised Building Management Systems. BMSs now need to take in real-time data feeds and alarms from ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), asset tracking (within the building), cabling services, access control, fire prevention, intruder detection, perimeter detection, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), energy efficient lighting systems and more.

Smart buildings are about bringing the wealth of disparate control and security systems which proliferate across a site, into one single BMS which enables facilities and security teams to see threats and take action proactively, thereby reducing and managing risks to systems, property and people.

Similarly in the world of manufacturing, the full benefits of IP video can only be achieved if it is fully integrated with HMI/SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or other ICS (Industrial Control Systems) or, in larger plants, with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

If integrated into existing control systems, IP cameras can support manufacturing processes in key areas such as Work in Progress (WIP) visualisation, product traceability, non-conformance management and quality control management more generally. As centralised control systems are connected with more devices and systems throughout a manufacturing plant, the opportunities to use cameras to support processes increases exponentially.

Frank Crouwel, managing director, NW Systems Group Limited, explained:
“The highly visual, OPC-based solutions Kentima has in its arsenal make light work of pulling data from numerous control systems and displaying this data meaningfully for building management staff. We believe that the combination of our IP video expertise and Kentima‘s interoperability capability will make centralisation of numerous systems possible for many more UK building and facilities managers.”

“And the fact that data transmission via Ethernet is becoming more widespread in UK plants; and standards bodies such as the OPC Foundation are working so hard to establish best practice for interoperability between control devices, makes the time right to explore wider deployment of IP cameras in this market alongside Kentima‘s HMI/SCADA and video management software.”

Kentima‘s product suite includes its Ethiris video management software and a WideQuick HMI (Human Machine Interface) SCADA software, and industrial computers and operator panels – all designed to help increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing plants and improve security in buildings.

Mads Bo Frederiksen, area sales manager, Kentima, added:
“NW Systems is a great integration partner for us in the UK. They can add value to WideQuick and Ethiris deployments because of their IP video technology expertise and prior experience. Smart use of video data enhances management systems which UK plant manufacturing engineers and facility managers are already using.”

“Widespread deployment of PROFINET (the Industrial Ethernet protocol) combined with the work of OPC Foundation which our products support, makes connectivity between control devices that much easier. Use cases can be built, and ROI realised, much more quickly and easily than before.”

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