Bournemouth Council increases local engagement by showing demolition of IMAX Waterfront building live on its website

Posted April 19th, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

NW Systems Group‘s Streamdays and RemoteManager video streaming and video monitoring services have been selected by Bournemouth Borough Council to provide high quality live and recorded video of the demolition of the local IMAX Waterfront building. Demolition began on 15 February and will be completed during July 2013.

Bournemouth Council‘s corporate communications department decided to provide a high quality video streaming service via its website because it saw the demolition of the IMAX Waterfront building as a highly visual event which had wide local appeal.

Its judgement proved correct as the BBC News Dorset (online) as well as several online local media outlets wrote up the story promoting the video link. Many media outlets have since run follow-up news stories on the progress of this popular demolition. NW Systems‘ Streamdays service provided all the live and recorded images.

Georgia Turner, Corporate Communications Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council, explained:

“The IMAX Waterfront building deconstruction is highly symbolic for Bournemouth. Our residents have been saying for years that they hated it, want the space used for something that they support and wanted the sea views restored. Thanks to a successful interactive-media campaign, we‘ve kept local people informed throughout the demolition phase, using high quality video and social media promotion. This has been able to demonstrate in real time how the Council has listened clearly to what people want, and acted on those views.”

Turner added:

“We had more than 20,000 hits to the live video link by the end of the first weekend, just three days into the demolition. Social media mentions in support of the demolition escalated sharply as more people heard about the deconstruction, and we were able to engage with our community actively in this way.”

Bournemouth Council extend its campaign further through the use of its corporate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts which has provided updates and archived images on the extent of the demolition including ‘live alerts‘ as views of Bournemouth Pier (from behind the site) began to appear.

NW Systems has also created a time lapse video of the demolition together with a library of images via Flickr. All these images are hosted and backed up to NW Systems RemoteManager servers.

Such was the success of the key microsite that Bournemouth BC was able to monetise the page by allowing relevant advertisers including Interserve and 777 Group to place banner adverts on the web pages carrying new images of the site every six seconds .

Frank Crouwel, managing director, NW Systems Group, said:

“We are very proud that both our live streaming service Streamdays and RemoteManager have been used in such a seamless way to provide high quality live and recorded images to suit significant peaks of demand in the early days of the demolition. RemoteManager is now able to provide a robust repository of recorded and live images as both locals and the media continue to follow and update the story.”

RemoteManager is a unique, yet tailorable high resolution video monitoring service offering system design, installation, and wireless or wired connectivity and full hosting of live video and captured images 24/7/365 for the entire length of any construction, refurbishment or demolition project. Streamdays is a live streaming webcam hosting service designed to support local government engagement projects as well as to promote tourist, leisure and hospitality locations.


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