Knowsley Community College utilises Paxton Access Control to secure sites

Posted February 24th, 2012 by Emily Crawford

Knowsley Community College wanted to gain greater control over who entered both their Roby and Kirkby campus sites via vehicle. Like many colleges Knowsley wanted to make their sites more secure whilst limiting access to only those with permission to park on-site.

In order for us to provide a solution we integrated Paxton Access Control with Milestone software at the on-site barriers. Staff members were given access cards, which when swiped at the barrier would allow their vehicle to gain entry.Barrier vehicle access control

At each barrier we installed a comms box with audio facilities and an analogue camera coupled with a network video encoder. When a driver without a card requires access, a push button triggers Milestone recording software and allows reception staff to see and talk interactively with them. Staff can then choose whether to open the barrier. The Paxton software logs the recorded video clips for reference at a later date.

At the Roby centre we also fitted additional Axis IP cameras to point towards the barrier allowing for images to be captured from the rear of the vehicles for number plate capturing, enhancing site security and visitor management.

The existing barriers were a simple, stand-alone system. We integrated the barriers with Paxton control modules into a Milestone video management and recording system using Axis network cameras to provide the video feeds.

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