'The IP Network' is at the heart of all our solutions

Wired, wireless and 3G/4G connectivity

We provide reliable, scalable and secure network connectivity that will provide the infrastructure required to run your systems. Since 2004, we have assisted hundreds of organisations with the design, installation and expansion of their IP networks. Our expertise lies in the area of transmitting video data and to design systems that do so securely, efficiently and in a managed fashion with sufficient throughput and overhead to avoid losing video frames.

Network engineer working at server rack

Taking video over networks can involve complexities not seen in traditional networks and we have the in-house expertise in the security, CCTV and IT spheres to ensure that the solutions we deliver are correctly designed and optimised for each particular scenario. Our team is experienced in working with networks large and small and of high complexity, meaning we are well-placed to provision the right equipment, at the right scale and with the right outcomes for your needs.

IP communication technologies that we offer:

  • Infrastructure cabling: CAT5E, CAT6 and Fibre
  • Wireless solutions: wireless mesh networks, point-to-point wireless and Wi-Fi
  • Network connectivity: ADSL broadband, Fibre, 3G and 4G
  • Switching equipment: Allied Telesis

Network design, installation and maintenance is part of our wider service provision of implementing and maintaining our customers’ IP-based CCTV and integrated security systems.

Rapid deployment systems

Stand-alone 'green' power solution - solar and wind powered

Using 3G/4G we can offer rapid deployment of individual cameras or whole networks.

Taking this a step further, our stand-alone camera solution incorporates a wind turbine and solar panel, a battery and a 3G/4G connection, creating a system that can be deployed quickly, anywhere and without the need for anything else. It is ideal for remote sites or when power is not available or too expensive to install.

Our stand-alone ‘green’ power solution is proven and reliable to operate a camera 24/7/365 without any disruption or downtime.