High-performance, IP-based video and security systems

Flexible, future-proof solutions delivered by experts

Our multi-disciplinary expertise enables us to design IP-based security systems that offer maximum reliability and performance.

IP cameras mounted on pole in street

Dedicated to the delivery of high quality standards, our experience ensures seamless integration of IP CCTV within your IT environment. Flexible by design, our solutions can be expanded upon with ease, offering a staged approach to implementation as well as long-term protection of your investment.

At the heart of all our solutions lies ‘the IP network‘. It is the enabler that allows our solutions to work across one common platform. This means that a system can deliver real-time or recorded information (images, audio and text) anywhere at any time and that one device on the network can communicate with another, allowing the creation of automated, powerful systems that can provide huge operational benefits.

This can be for the purpose of improved security, enhanced safeguarding of people, buildings and assets, the streamlining of business processes or improved intelligence gathering and decision making.

From smart affordable solutions to bespoke, fully integrated systems

Our strength is the integration of technologies that combined creates a network-based management system that works reliably, is secure and has been fully optimised to your specific operational requirements. We offer anything from affordable, smart solutions for small business to high-end, fully integrated systems for enterprise and the public sector, including:

  • Intelligent video analytics (including ANPR)
  • Thermal imaging
  • Hosted video
  • Analogue-to-IP migration
  • Access control
  • Intruder detection
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Networking
  • Structured cabling
  • Wireless systems
  • Server and storage implementation
  • PSIM
  • Green-powered solutions

More than just security

The shift to IP-based systems has created a host of new opportunities going far beyond IP CCTV’s traditional purpose of security surveillance. Today, the majority of our customers use their CCTV system for both security as well as operational management. There is a strong business case for implementing IP video into (almost) every organisation – read more about typical applications