Fully managed security system solutions that are designed to last

Improving security, safety and effectiveness

We’ve been the CCTV installer-of-choice for over 7,000 customers across the UK, but our all-encompassing services start well before the installation, with expert consultancy, and continue long afterwards with ongoing support and maintenance. With a proven track record in the design and deployment of IP video surveillance dating back to 2004, our multi-disciplinary expertise has since expanded to include the integration of access control and intrusion detection systems.

CCTV cameras mounted on a pole

CCTV Systems: With in-depth knowledge of IT and security technologies, we understand how the effective installation of leading-edge IP camera technology can not only enhance security but also improve operational performance and increase business intelligence. We also have extensive experience in migrating analogue CCTV to IP-based solutions, allowing potentially all customers to benefit from the latest technology and use of integrated systems.

We ensure the intelligent application of these solutions to support your unique business requirements and provide a healthy return on investment.

Access Control: A well-designed and well-managed access control system provides significant security and safety benefits. Offering a bespoke service, we implement access control solutions that build on existing business IT infrastructure. This ensures a solution that is easy to manage and cost-efficient.

Intrusion Detection: Providing business-critical protection, our reliable intrusion detection systems immediately alert assigned individuals or an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of incidents, enabling swift decision-making for an effective response. We use the latest IP technology to monitor intruder alarm signals with precision while also providing comprehensive post-incident reporting.

Managing compliance, risk and system performance

We provide a wide range of technical and consultancy services to help customers optimise all aspects of their security systems – physical and cyber-related. From on-site security audits and risk assessment to IP-based system health checks, we’ll identify any areas for improvement and verify your security system is fit for purpose. Bespoke training can also be provided, empowering staff with the knowledge to get the most out of their systems.

Assessing regulatory and compliance risks in the face of growing cybersecurity threats requires expertise, and many businesses seek our assistance to make sense of industry guidance and legislation including the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice and the fast-approaching General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Seeking advice in this complex area is an investment in itself.

Flexible services that protect your investment

We work collaboratively with our customers to deliver solutions that overcome business challenges well beyond security – the valuable insights that can obtained from video surveillance and other integrated systems allow organisations to make efficiency gains.

Network manager and engineer discussing system commissioning

Leveraging the power of business intelligence this way leads to a faster return on investment (ROI) and our range of support and maintenance services also help customers protect that investment in the long term.

All support service packages offer access to our helpdesk and each package (basic through to platinum) enhances the level of support provided. Additional support options include remote monitoring of system health and performance, managed services to remotely take care of system administration, and emergency call outs for critical systems where continued operation is vital.