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Flash and HTML5 in Streamdays

Streamdays player and HTML5 / Flash logosIn response to questions from some of our Streamdays customers regarding Flash and HTML5 support, I’d like to explain a bit about our recent live stream player update and when the use of HTML5 will be enforced.

Until recently, Flash was the main means of delivering live video over the web into your browser and our Streamdays webcam hosting service used Flash for many years to showcase thousands of live webcams around the globe to a huge audience. As is always the case with technology, eventually things move on and Flash is no longer the go-to multimedia app for the web – the world has already begun moving to HTML5, a new standard for web pages, interactivity and video playback.

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Press release: Streamdays live camera streaming supports Forrest Media‘s CityScreen network of large format DOOH sites

Forrest Media Newcastle CityScreenNW Systems has provided its Streamdays live camera streaming service to one of the UK‘s leading premium Out Of Home (OOH) inventory owners Forrest Media. Streamdays‘ web cameras provide live views of Forrest‘s entire network of large format LED CityScreens which are located in high profile road-side locations in Glasgow Central, Glasgow Gateway, Edinburgh Central, Edinburgh Gateway, Central Manchester and now in Central Newcastle.

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NW‘s hosted camera services provide bird‘s eye view of King‘s Cross redevelopment

On instruction of Argent LLP, NW Systems has installed high resolution cameras around the 67 acre King‘s Cross development project, providing live and recorded images as one of London‘s redevelopment projects takes shape. The cameras will cover the construction of more than fifty buildings over the next decade.

Press release: NW Systems expands Streamdays following Finetra deal

NW Systems Group‘s web camera hosting and streaming service, Streamdays, received a significant boost this week after concluding a deal with Finetra to take over its entire camera streaming customer base. Streamdays provides managed video streaming for web domains of hotels, surf centres, golf courses, as well as other tourist hotspots and leisure activity centres.

The deal means that Finetra‘s customers will receive an enhanced HD streaming service designed to maximise camera uptime. NW‘s Streamdays service is suitable for use with all types of IP cameras with RTSP support. Because NW Systems also runs its own security systems integration business it can advise on specification and configuration of camera models based on what the camera stream is displaying.

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Axis press release: Axis is watching ewe

A North Yorkshire farm has installed the latest in IP video technology to enable anyone to watch new lamb arrivals this spring.Mainsgill Farm 'Lamb Cam'

Mainsgill Farm in Richmond has fitted an AXIS P5534 PTZ Dome Network Camera to overlook the barn and the pens in which the sheep are giving birth, in order to allow visitors to the farm and its website the unique opportunity to see the lambs being born. As well as the latest Axis cameras, the internet video feed uses ‘Streamdays‘, an open platform hosting solution for converting an IP camera into a streaming webcam, from NW Systems Group.

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Streamdays’ international cover expands with cameras at the Black Sea and Lake Tahoe

Our streaming video webcam hosting service, Streamdays, places two new markers on the map at the Black Sea and Lake Tahoe.

New webcam on Lake TahoeThe Bulgarian resort of Lozenets sits on the Black Sea coast, dubbed the ‘Bulgarian Riviera’. Stretching from the Romanian Black Sea in the north to European Turkey in the South. It is a popular tourist destination attracting visitors predominantly in the summer season.

Similarly, Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border is a major American tourist attraction, both in the summer and winter months. The world’s most beautiful freshwater alpine lake is synonymous with natural beauty and boasts 72 miles of coastline.

With the use of our IP camera hosting service Streamdays, online visitors can enjoy the breathtaking live footage of these spectacular destinations. Even if you are not lucky enough to visit these places, viewing them live on these streaming webcams will make you feel like you’re actually there.

We utilised the system hardware that both customers already had in place; the Sony SNC-CH120 used by South Tahoe Standup Paddle in Lake Tahoe with HD 720p to gain highly detailed images. Whilst the Axis M1114 used by the Lozenets Black Sea tourist website provides high-quality images and is ideal for overviewing a wide scene. These web cameras provide both our new customers with a vital internet marketing tool to drive more backlinks to their websites, with an aim to increase tourist visitor numbers to the area.

Take a look at these views over the Black Sea and Lake Tahoe, all powered by Streamdays.

Streamdays creates buzz at Turkish beach

Ölüdeniz Beach, a popular holiday destination for those looking for sun, sea and sand sits on the South West coast of Turkey. Its stunning scenery makes it one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean, whilst the walk along the surrounding hills named the Lycian Way is regarded as one of the top ten in the world.

View of Oludeniz Beach Now with the use of our online IP camera hosting service Streamdays those about to depart for the resort, pondering a break there, or just reliving previous holidays are able to view the destination live. This allows web visitors a chance to check the weather, watch the holiday makers and enjoy the surf in real time.

For our customer an Axis P5534-E delivers a crisp HD image with 360° rotation that streams various views of and around the beach during the day, and the beach bar during the evening and into the early hours.

The stream is already proving incredibly popular and creating a buzz on popular travel sites, with great responses coming through Trip Advisor, reinforcing Streamdays’ proven ability to increase online traffic, drawing further relevant interest to websites and, most importantly, to increase actual business.

If you‘d like to enjoy the view, wherever you are, take a look at the Ölüdeniz Beach Live Webcam.

Streamdays gives viewers a walk on the wild side

Attenborough Nature Centre display their nature reserve live with the help of our stream hosting platform, Streamdays.

In the heart of Nottinghamshire sits Attenborough Nature Centre, an award-winning visitor attraction and education zone. Managed by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, the centre provides a tranquil place in a stunning location for avid nature fans to learn about the surrounding habitat.

Attenborough Nature ReserveKeen to allow visitors to their website a glimpse of the centre’s wildlife inhabitants they contacted us in order to utilise our Streamdays stream hosting service. An IP camera was installed and configured to pan between key views on the reserve, giving nature watchers the chance to see nests or other wildlife wherever possible throughout the year.

Talking about Attenborough Nature Reserve, Sir David Attenborough said:

“œEverybody needs to have a lifeline to the natural world, and as our towns and villages become larger, they‘re becoming increasingly hard to find. The survival and flourishing of places like this demands continuous work and attention.”

If you‘re interested in seeing what wildlife you can spot visit the Attenborough Nature Centre streaming camera.

Streamdays streams Scotland’s most iconic castle

Scotland’s most iconic castle view is now being streamed to the web with Streamdays.

Often referred to as the most beautiful castle in Scotland, the award-winning Eilean Donan Castle sits on the West Coast near the Isle of Skye and has a long and intriguing history that draws thousands of visitors each year.

Eilean Donan Castle and surrounding viewSet in idyllic surroundings the castle is a much sought after wedding venue and has also been the backdrop to many photoshoots and iconic films for over six decades.

Eager to attract more web visitors, Eilean Donan Castle approached us to install a camera that would show the world the castle’s truly spectacular setting. A high quality Sony IP camera with HD resolution was chosen as their preferred solution.

Located at the castle’s nearby café and coffee shop, the camera offers up a stunning view of the castle itself, the bridge and walkway to the castle and the view along Loch Duich to Glen Shiel, and with our Streamdays streaming video engine delivering a constant full frame rate video stream to add to the viewing experience, it’s as good as it gets without being there.

Take a look at the Eilean Donan Castle webcam.

Mainsgill Farm uses Streamdays to show live lambing this spring

With spring just around the corner Mainsgill Farm have invested in an Axis HD pan-tilt zoom camera alongside Streamdays 2, our live web streaming service. The IP camera has been placed inside the Ewe pen at the farm and Streamdays 2 allows visitors to oversee this year’s lambing take place via a live web stream on their site. Set to patrol, the webcam rotates to show different areas of the pen at set intervals without a staff member having to monitor and move it; allowing viewers to see the Ewe’s still waiting to give birth and those that have, alongside their newborns. Lambcam, lambing webcam photo

Mainsgill Farm has been voted National Champion of the year by the AA Hospitality Awards. Popular with local residents and passing travellers alike, Mainsgill has something for everyone to enjoy. From a superbly stocked Farm Shop to locally produced fruit, vegetables and cheeses.

This time of year always provides a lot of excitement at the farm as the Ewe’s prepare to give birth to this season’s lambs, and now visitors to the site will be able to watch events unfold – live.

Watch the live lambing camera at