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Joining the pieces in the physical and cyber security puzzle

Security integrator and IT manager - where physical and cyber security meetFor the last couple of decades, physical security and cyber security have generally been treated as separate aspects of security provision in most organisations – served by two different industries growing alongside each other and using technology that’s been steadily converging.

It’s this convergence that has seen physical and cyber security become increasingly more entwined, leaving many security integrators and IT professionals puzzled about the blurring of lines and responsibilities. This has now culminated in the current frenzy around “Cyber”, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and a wider discussion on personal freedoms and privacy.

The increasing overlap between physical security and cyber security is changing both industries, but what does this mean for security integrators, the end user and their IT departments?

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The importance of regulatory change as big data and surveillance merge

Surveillance camera code of practice - a guide to the 12 principles

Today sees the launch of the national surveillance camera strategy for England and Wales, headed up by Tony Porter, the government’s Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

The three year strategy is a welcome step forward but it also comes with a stark warning from Mr. Porter, the government’s CCTV watchdog, who is concerned that regulators and the government were struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change.

What most worries me is the impact of big data and integration of video surveillance… I’m worried about overt surveillance becoming much more invasive because it is linked to everything else.

Tony Porter – Surveillance Camera Commissioner

The new strategy acknowledges that most people currently support the use of CCTV in public places but the Commissioner’s concerns are whether this support can continue because of the way surveillance is changing. As technology advances and converges, the possibilities for its use are expanding at breakneck speed and there are undoubtedly some cases where it’s been invaluable – such as drones helping the police solve crimes and hunt for missing people but, it’s also creating problems with privacy.

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Why Milestone XProtect is our go-to Video Management System (VMS)

Milestone XProtectAs a company formed in the very early years of IP video and geared from the beginning to work with and deliver solutions around video over IP networks, we have seen many video management systems (VMS) come onto the market and many disappear, and our exposure to a large number of them has been significant.

We are well-placed to form an opinion on the state of the VMS marketplace and as a Milestone Platinum Partner, I’d like to explain why we have chosen to focus mainly on Milestone XProtect as the go-to VMS.

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NW Systems Group wins Axis Enterprise Project of the Year award for IP CCTV upgrade at Chester Zoo

NW Systems Group Managing Director Frank Crouwel accepts Axis Award NW Systems picked up the highly-coveted Enterprise Project of the Year Award UK & Ireland in this year’s Axis Communications’ VIP Northern Europe Partner Event, held in Liverpool on the 21st September.

The event which was attended by more than 40 of Axis’ top-performing Gold partners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK & Ireland, saw NW Systems being recognised for its work in upgrading Chester Zoo’s CCTV systems to a state-of-the-art IP video system which now provides surveillance, animal welfare and crowd management benefits to this world-class zoo.

The award was received by Frank Crouwel, Managing Director at NW Systems from Ray Mauritsson, CEO at Axis and Dave Needam, Axis UK and Ireland Sales Manager.

The two-year project, which continues to see expansion, has involved migrating from 150 ageing analogue-based CCTV cameras to almost 300 Axis network cameras – all being managed via Milestone XProtect Expert video management platform.

We will give you more on this project in a more detailed case study later this year.

IP video as a platform for smarter safety, security and operations

We are seeing rapid IP convergence of security, safety and building control systems so that Internet of Security Things (IoST) is now finally emerging as a real concept. So what does IoST really mean and what practical benefits does it offer end-users?

Illustration of IP convergence in security, safety and building control

Until relatively recently most systems geared to securing and making premises safe, were standalone. They were based on domain-specific, proprietary communications protocols which did not enable them to be easily connected into multi-input central control consoles.

These made inter-connection and integration of different systems very difficult. But these issues have begun to dissolve as all security systems are being networked using common Ethernet infrastructure for the first time. We have been involved in some of the first fully networked and integrated access control and surveillance systems projects. The advantages of tightly integrating these systems are clear. It enables you to verify that the person using the swipe card at a gate or door is the actual owner of that card by cross-checking the identity card details with live CCTV images. But this convergence of security and safety systems does not stop there.

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How IP-based video systems are helping businesses quickly achieve efficiency gains

Example of IP video analytics - heat mapAs any technology matures and becomes more sophisticated, the scope for its applications widens. We’re seeing this with IP video technology which is being used increasingly across a diverse range of sectors in three key areas:

  • Distributing live (and recorded) video
  • Leveraging video analytics for business intelligence
  • Visualising processes to identify potential problems

These three applications represent powerful business management and reporting tools that are far beyond IP video’s traditional remit of security. The technology has advanced to the point where these sorts of solutions are possible right now – let’s take a closer look at some real examples of how IP video is being deployed in these three key areas.

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NW Systems exhibits at Liverpool Crime Prevention Conference

BSIA Crime Prevention Conference - Liverpool 2016Wednesday 25th May 2016 is set for the Liverpool Crime Prevention Conference, organised by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). We’ll be there to exhibit the latest in IP-based CCTV and security. Based in Hoylake, Wirral, NW Systems has a strong presence in the area and serves many public and private sector organisations within the North West area, including Chester Zoo and the Port of Liverpool.

It is the first time the event is taking place in Liverpool and it is expected that it will attract a lot of attention from the local and regional education sector, retailers, government bodies, healthcare providers, construction companies and the police.

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Building a business case for 4K in manufacturing

Manufacturing production area4K resolution cameras are likely to see strong demand in UK manufacturing plants.

For some years now, UK manufacturers have been migrating their industrial automation systems from a range of proprietary transmission protocols like Profibus and DeviceNet, to IP-based systems transmitting data across Ethernet infrastructures.

This move has opened up the potential for IP Video systems to be used to monitor the performance, condition and safety record of the robots, production line machines and devices (and the employees that work alongside them).

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Improving CCTV standards requires tighter regulation and a collective desire to professionalise

Frank Crouwel - MD of NW Systems GroupI read with interest the message from the current CCTV Commissioner Tony Porter based on a BBC Radio 5 interview recently. For those that did not read or hear it Mr Porter pressed for increased regulation to deliver more effective surveillance and end the industry‘s legacy of poorly-specified and maintained systems.

In the interview Mr Porter states he is in favour of well-run surveillance systems that serve a clear purpose. By the same token he has clearly seen far too many poorly-run ones in his brief time in the job.

He is not alone.

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Our 2015 Predictions for IP Video

2015 predictionsThe start of a new year is always a good time to reflect on where technology and market trends are taking us and to ask what these trends might mean for our development over the next 12-months.

2014 certainly saw multi-megapixel and HD IP cameras going fully mainstream. At Network Webcams we rarely sell cameras which are less than a megapixel and as the leading online supplier of IP video products in the UK ““ we are selling a lot of them. We anticipate this trend will only accelerate through 2015 with full HD 1080p cameras becoming the dominant resolution for new installs and CCTV upgrades by year-end. These cameras now deliver very high quality images in low light conditions making reliable 24-hour surveillance much easier to achieve, in some cases supported by IR or White LED lighting.

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